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    Seeking For Long-term Strategic Partners

    With the professional support and advice from US and EU experts from year 2007 to 2010, Yabang-QH designed and built a new high level cGMP plant(3#)which cost about 60 million RMB(first phase) and complies with regulations of SFDA, USFDA and EDQM. The new plant completed its qualifications and process validations by June 2011 and started to commercially manufacture APIs for its EU partner and customers. It scheduled its FDA approval by end of 2011 or first half of 2012. Due to the remaining free capacity, Yabang-QH is seeking for long-term strategic partners for different mode of cooperation.

    Key Strength/Advantages of Plant 3#:

    Both chemical and clean areas were structured with 3 floors, two separate clean areas(Class D=Class 100000);
    Its RO Purified Water System equipped with Electrodeionization (EDI) reaches USP water quality and can produce
              APIs intended for injectable use;
    Its equipments were selected from the best quality of China brand joint-ventures. The bulk solvents and mother liquids are
              transported with pumps and pipes with automatic control flow meters. By using natural gravity, materials (reactions in
              3rd floor, centrifuges in 2nd floor and drying in 1st floor) are easily and closely transferred to its destination.
    Reactors and centrifuges are protected with nitrogen gas. All production areas are equipped with automatic alarming gas
              detectors (flammable and explosive). All equipments are well grounded.
    Circulation Bins are used for materials transportation in drying, micronization, homogenization and packing. The Bins can be
              tightly connected and closed operation is achieved in loading and unloading steps.
    Automatic cleaning station is installed in site, so the circulation bins can be automatically cleaned and dried.
    Utilities: Purified Water System, HVAC System, Mother Liquid Tanks, Solvent Recovery Plant, Nitrogen Generator, Chilling
              Water Station, Compressed Air Generator, Tail gas Absorbing System.

    For more details, please click and read "Yabang-QH Brochure" published in our website www.wwanbo.com. Welcome further contact.


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